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Crime Statistics – Crimes Against Children

According to the NCRB data, in 2016 there were 3,400 total incidences of crimes against children in Mumbai with a total of 3,568 victims. This makes up 5.8% of the total crimes reported in Mumbai, and 3.2% of all of the crimes against children reported in India. Many of these cases were reported under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act (POCSO) and the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act.

Crimes Against Children


  • In 2016, the highest incidences of IPC crimes against children was kidnapping.
    • There were 1,864 overall incidences of kidnapping and abduction and 1,940 victims.
    • Unnatural offenses had the second highest number of incidences, with 42 incidences and 43 victims.
    • There were 13 incidences of murder with 16 victims
    • There were 8 incidences and 8 victims of exposure and abandonment
  • In the same year, the highest number of SLL (Special Acts and Local Laws) crimes against children were Crimes reported under POCSO.
    • In total, there were 979 incidences and 989 victims reported under POSCO; 455 incidences of child rape, 464 incidences of sexual assault of children, and 59 incidences of sexual harassment of children.
    • There were 283 incidences and 344 victims reported under the Juvenile Justice Act and 64 incidences of child labour.


Perceived Safety in Specific Localities

According to the Praja report, 21-33% of respondents feel that their particular locality in Mumbai is unsafe for women, children, and the elderly.

  • 33% of respondents in South Central Mumbai report that women, children, and the elderly are unsafe in their locality, the highest percent of respondents who worry about safety.
  • South Mumbai, in contrast has the lowest percent of those who worry about the safety of women, children, and seniors with 21%.


Registration of Crimes and Crime Burking

According to an in house survey conducted by the Maharashtra State Police administration, burking of crimes in police stations across the Maharashtra is as high as 50%[1]. This includes filing less serious crimes in place of more serious ones.


The survey was conducted by police officers guised as ‘dummy complainants’ who reported various crimes to police stations across the state. The survey revealed that in response to complaints of rape and molestation, officers usually engaged in victim blaming, giving the female dummy complainants lessons on not venturing out late in the night or dressing appropriately.


In order to combat crime burking, a Visitor Management System (VMS) is being implemented in 94 police stations in Mumbai as of the beginning of 2018. Under the system, a head constable would be appointed to keep records of those who visit the police station that include the name of the visitor, the time of the visit, a photograph of the visitor, and a record of their complaint. Under the system, periodic reviews of the records will be conducted by the Assistant Commissioners of Police (ACPs) and Deputy Commissioners of Police (DCPs) every two weeks. Officers who are caught burking are to face disciplinary action.


Women in Charges in Mumbai 2018
In April of 2018, Mumbai appointed 8 women in charges, becoming the became the first city in India to do so[2]. The names of the eight women police station in-charges are–Alka Mandave (Airport Police Station), Rashmi Jadhav (Cuffe Parade Police Station), Mrudula Lad (Sion Police Station), Lata Shirsat (Sahar Police Station), Jyotsna Rasam (Vanrai Police Station), Rohini Kale (Pantnagar Police Station), Vidhyalaxmi Hiremath (Aarey Police Station) and Kalpana Gadekar (BKC Police Station).

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