Maharashtra has a problem: keeping residents safe. Women, workers, residents all now feel more afraid on the streets, at work and in their localities than they did before. We need this to change.


Good policing will make a difference. The solutions for getting police to function better are known. The Supreme Court has given 6 specific directions to make this happen. In July this year, it passed a police law which defeats the intentions of the directions completely.


The politicians, the bureaucrats and the police are not making good policing happen. If reform could have happened it would have happened by now. The coming elections give us an opportunity to once again demand better policing: policing that obeys the law; that is efficient and comes to the aid of the people; is even handed and fair and – most of all – policing that is trusted by each one of us however high or low.


As the election date (15 October, Wednesday) draws closer, Police Reforms Watch and the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative ask: when will the government carry out its commitment on police reform? Which government will take steps to ensure safety and security? When will the police be given better working conditions so they can do their job properly?


For the next two weeks from 26 September, PRW and CHRI (courtesy come together to mobilize public opinion on better policing. The campaign will involve


==> Cinema slides that will roll out in 55 screens across Mumbai between 26 September and 9 October


==> Radio jingles on Big FM (92.7), Radio Fever (104) and Radio City (91.1) from 6-14 October


==> Fliers handed out at public places


==> Public meetings

Join Police Reforms Watch and the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative in demanding better policing. The people of the state deserve better. Indeed, the police deserve better. Come and be part of that change.

What Can You do?

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Know More
Know more about what the police’s powers and duties, and your rights. Did you know it is now a crime for the police to refuse to register complaints of sexual offences? Did you know the Maharashtra High Court directed the state government to install closed circuit televisions (CCTV) in all corners of every police station? See 101 Questions you Always Wanted to Know About the Police But Were Too Afraid To Ask or write to us with your postal address and we’ll send you a free copy.
Share Stories
Have you ever been pulled up by a traffic cop for no reason and made to pay a bribe to be allowed to leave? Have you ever been harassed by the police, either due to nakabandi in your area, while sitting with your partner on the beach? Have you seen police misbehave or beat up a poor person on the street? Or have you had a pleasant experience with the police where their professionalism impressed you? Write to us on with your experiences of the police…
Become a Volunteer
Get involved in the police sudhaar campaign! Help us organize public meetings, events, identify speaking venues, disseminate material, arrange meetings and spread the message in your neighbourhoods, localities and networks. Contact us at and let us know your interest.
Demand Answers
When candidates come asking for votes, ask them: has the government done all it can to keep us safe; has it done enough to protect our life, our family, our property; and has it done enough to create an environment in which we can all enjoy our rights and freedoms to the fullest? Ask your local candidates what plans they have to make your area safer. Insist that a plan for better policing be included in their manifestos.
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